Are you in over your head? 
Our Team has you covered!

FVHD provides a dedicated department of
in-house roofing consultants to benefit our clients.  We have investigated and/or designed and specified virtually every roof system available including formed traditional metals, steep and modified asphalts and coal tar built-up, multi-ply and composite SBS and APP modified bitumen, single-ply membrane, vegetative roofs, liquid applied roof membranes and foam.

Furthermore, our firm provides forensic investigations for roofing systems and provides expert witness testimony on roofing systems. 

Our Roofing Analysis Services include:

• Existing Document Review
• Physical Assessment
• Non-Destructive Existing Condition Surveys
• Existing Slope And Drainage Analysis
• Rooftop HVAC And Electrical Condition Review
• Masonry Parapet And Rising Wall Conditions Review
• Non-Destructive Testing (Including Infrared Surveys)
• Assessment Of Invasive Test Weights
• Coordination Of Hazardous Testing
• Recommendations For Roof System & 
      Detail Improvement
• Corrective Masonry Reconstruction

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