Leading Edge Design...  Based On Traditional Values

Our practice is built on a foundation of principles: highly specialized knowledge, total commitment, and responsive service, all of which lead to creative, responsible and cost-effective design solutions.

As designers of the built environment, we believe that the best design solution comes through a collaborative process based on gaining a complete understanding of our client’s needs and project goals and exploring viable design concepts to accomplish them. Budgetary constraints are met by providing guidance to prioritize project goals.

Throughout the ages, humanity has created structures that stir the imagination. Today's schools and other public buildings can also be uplifting and inspiring, enhancing the simple experience of working and learning. Perfecting an environment where people can feel and do their best involves a tremendous number of disciplines, reflected in the services we offer.

Using a highly individualized, collaborative approach, our team of professionals research, evaluate, and listen to the needs of those to be served by the facility before commencing the design process. The team continues to work closely with the client from the planning stage through design, approvals, construction documents, bidding and award, construction and post construction services.

It's the harmonious union of all of these programs and disciplines that yield open and welcoming spaces; in effect, they are living, breathing facilities that contribute to the well-being and performance of those who work and learn there.