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e-mail communication notices

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: E-mail messages and their attachments (if any) are intended solely for the use of the addressees hereof. In addition, e-mail messages and their attachments (if any) may contain information that is confidential, privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient of the e-mail message, you are prohibited from reading, disclosing, reproducing,distributing, disseminating or otherwise using the transmission. Delivery of the e-mail message to any person other than the intended recipient is not intended to waive any right or privilege. If you have received the e-mail message in error, please promptly notify the sender by reply e-mail and immediately delete this message from your system.

PUBLIC E-MAIL POLICY: T he following are procedures and requirements for all e-mail communications with the firm. These procedures are designed to provide an efficient and professional method for the handling of e-mail communications. All persons who transmit e-mail communications to our firm are required to adhere to these procedures.

* Please note that all e-mail communications to and from our firm are automatically permanently archived.

  1. PROJECT IDENTIFICATION - All e-mails pertaining to one of the firm’s projects must clearly identify the project name and FVHD project number in the subject line. Failure to properly identify project may result in e-mail not being transmitted to the necessary personnel, delays or no-response. FVHD will provide project identification information to all project participants for their use.
    1. Proper E-mail identification shall occur in the Subject Line and will be as follows:
      1. [FVHD Prj. No.]- [FVHD Client Short Name] - [FVHD Prj. Short Name] - [Topic]
  2. RECIPIENTS - FVHD may designate certain individuals within the firm to be the recipients of e-mails of a particular subject or type (i.e. - RFI’s, shop drawings, payment requests, etc.). Project participants will be provided with the names and e-mail addresses of those persons. Failure to send emails to the appropriate person may result in delayed or no response.
  3. PROJECT FORMS - FVHD requires that correct project form templates be used where applicable. These include, but are not limited to, submittal transmittal form, request for information form (RFI), general transmittal form and others as may be found on our website under the ‘contractors’ tab. FVHD will not accept and will return any communications that do not have the requisite form attached if required. Example: Project questions are to be placed on our RFI form and then attached to an e-mail. No project questions are accepted written into the body of an e-mail.
  4. SINGLE SUBJECT - All senders are cautioned that e-mails should deal with only one topic. Avoid multiple topics or items in one e-mail. FVHD may return such e-mails to request that individual topics/items be broken out and/or FVHD may choose to respond to each topic in separate e-mails or by other means.
  5. RESPONSIBILITY FOR RECEIPT - Where practical FVHD will respond to acknowledge receipt of all project related e-mail communications and will exercise due care and caution in the handling of same. FVHD will not be held responsible for any e-mails misdirected, lost in transit due to technical issues or blocked by filters. The responsibility for follow-up on all e-mail communications rests with the sender. Senders are required to follow the procedures set forth in the contract documents pertaining to the transmission of project related communications.
  6. E-MAIL CHAINS - FVHD strongly discourages chain (run-on) e-mails. FVHD’s internal policy is to break e-mail chains and respond to each topic separately.
  7. FVHD RESPONSES TO E-MAILS - FVHD may at any time choose to respond to e-mail(s) by a form other than return/reply e-mail. FVHD reserves the right to return any e-mail to the sender that does not meet FVHD e-mail procedures, as described herein.
  8. HARASSING OR ABUSIVE E-MAILS - FVHD will not tolerate e-mails which are abusive, threatening or harassing in nature. Parties who transmit such e-mails will receive one warning. Continued abusive e-mails will result in the permanent blocking of the sender’s e-mail address and/or domain from our e-mail system.

We thank all of our e-mail senders for their cooperation with these procedures. Questions regarding these procedures should be addressed to the Project Manager or the following e-mail address: info@fvhdpc.com.